Acoustic Sound Reflection

Acoustic Sound Reflection (ASR) is a patented technology developed in conjunction with aerospace engineers in the early 1990s. ASR Technology allows for great flow characteristics while reducing sound emission levels. The technology is a combination of a spiral core with custom geometry that reflects the exhaust frequencies to reduce sound pressure levels, making your boat more acceptable to dockside limits. CORSA Performance Marine has incorporated the ASR Technology into multiple muffler configurations (see below) to support the wide rages of engines available. Please note the difference in product based on the size of the engine.

ASR Application based off engine size
350-454 Displacement
5" Exhaust Silencer Tips with ASR Technology

Patented silencing technology incorporated into a 5" diameter or bell shaped silencer tip case. Ideal for stock applications currently equipped with diverters. Will reduce noise levels below 90 dB (a) in most applications.

502 Displacement
5.5" Exhaust Silencers with ASR Technology

A slightly larger 5.5" muffler or silencer tip case combined with our patented silencing technology. Provides increased flow capacity for 400-415 horse power engines such as a 502 EFI while reducing the harsh sound associated with these larger engines.

500-525 Displacement
6" Exhaust Silencers with ASR Technology

For engines up to 525 horsepower, the 6" case provides excellent noise reduction with no measurable loss of power or performance. The larger case provides superior air flow while producing a pleasant, deep rumble that makes it easier to hear the radio or someone speaking.

ASR Applications for high horsepower engines
500-700 HP
6" Pressure Activated Exhaust Silencers with ASR Technology

CORSA Performance Marine's pressure activated bypass muffler was developed for boaters that utilize engines that produce above 500 horsepower. The concept is simple, the muffler is controlled by exhaust pressures by increasing RPMs. Results have proven an 8-10 dB reduction. When tested on a 700SCi the pressure activated bypass muffler has backpressure levels under Mercury Racing requirements.

525-600 HP
6.5" Exhaust Silencers With ASR Technology

Our largest mufflers and silencers developed for engines up to 600 horsepower. Call our sales technicians for further information and assistance on these special applications.