Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CORSA Performance Marine exhaust system?

A CORSA Performance Marine exhaust system consists of three major components:

    • Diverters - A diverter splits the exhaust into two exit paths: straight out the hull and down through the propeller. CORSA offers two styles of diverters: a permanently open diverter and a solenoid operated Captain's Call diverter that offers the choice of thru-hull, or a through prop exhaust exits at the flip of a switch.
    • Mufflers - Available as in-line, equalizer (with a balance tube), or silencer tip. Silencer tips are transom mounted outside boat.
    • Exhaust Tips - Available in a variety of styles including angle-cut, rolled-edge and side exit. See catalog for more details. A majority of exhaust tips include anti-surge valves.

Why choose a CORSA Performance Marine exhaust system for my boat?

For several reasons including:

    1. Increased performance, faster acceleration, and higher top speed.
    2. A performance look and sound.
    3. When you want it to meet local sound laws - sound reduction without loss of performance.
    4. Premium quality high-grade stainless steel exhaust system design and construction backed by a 3-year warranty.

What kind of performance gain can I expect from a CORSA system?

Performance gains vary from boat to boat. We have seen the top speed will increases of about 2-3 MPH, which means about a 20 to 30 HP gain. Boats with smaller engines (under 350 cu. In.) will not see much improvement in top speed.

Will the use of CORSA silencer tips and/or mufflers reduce performance or top speed?

No. The specific CORSA mufflers and tips are based on the size and type of your engine, so it will not reduce horsepower, yet it will provide the sound reduction that you need.

How much of a sound reduction can I expect from CORSA mufflers and silencer tips?

Typically you can expect a 6dB reduction, which is a substantial reduction in sound! CORSA Performance Marine muffler systems achieve this level while still maintaining the desirable exhaust note that boaters love, only with reduced volume to comply with the law and no reduction in performance.

What type of materials are CORSA Performance Marine exhaust systems made of?

All CORSA Performance Marine exhaust systems are made from 316L premium grade stainless steel that is far more stain-resistant than ordinary stainless steels. CORSA Performance Marine components are available in a mirror polish finish, and some components are available in black powder coat.

Do you have an exhaust system that will fit my boat?

Most likely we do. We also custom build exhaust systems offering a variety of designs and styled exhaust tips for most boats. All that is required are a few dimensions from you to design and build a system for your boat.

Do you manufacture exhaust systems for catalyzed engines?

CORSA Performance Marine has worked closely with Mercury and Volvo along with boat manufacturers to ensure our exhaust systems can be adapted in most cases.

How quickly can I get a new system for my boat?

It usually takes about two to three weeks to have a system built and shipped. Unusual or complex custom systems may take longer to build.

What information do I need to order a CORSA exhaust system?

  1. Boat year, make and model (as an example, 1996 Baja 272, 1997 Cobalt 220, etc)
  2. Engine make and size (Chevy 454, Ford 460, etc.
  3. Is the engine carbureted or fuel injected?
  4. Drive brand (Mercruiser, Volvo, OMC, etc)
  5. Does the boat have through prop or through transom exhaust?
  6. What type of exhaust manifolds are on the boat? (stock or aftermarket)
  7. What type of CORSA exhaust system do you want? (diverter or Captain's Call™, all polished system, tips or side exhaust)

What type of warranty does a CORSA offer?

Diverter systems have a three year warranty. Any product manufactured for engines above 500 horsepower carries a one year warranty. The anti-surge valve in the tips carries a lifetime warranty. CORSA Performance Marine is the only company in the industry to offer a lifetime warranty on anti-surge valves. Click to view warranty

I want to buy a CORSA Performance Marine exhaust system. How do I contact CORSA?

Before contacting CORSA, make sure you have gathered all of the necessary information noted in question 10. Contact CORSA by phone 440-891-0999, fax 440-891-1868, e-mail or write to us at: 140 Blaze Industrial Parkway, Berea, Ohio 44017.