The most popular exhaust option is a diverter. This controlled device allows for a bolder sound that is suited for the open water or the operator can switch to a thru-prop for quiet entry to marinas and boat docks.


The most cost effective exhaust option is a full time thru-hull system. This system allows the exhaust to exit full time through the transom or side hull with out any control over the exhaust flow or sound.



Exhaust Comparison


CORSA Performance Marine exhaust systems offer many different configurations ranging from an aggressive thru hull tone to a milder exhaust note when properly equipped. Exhausts are available individually or conveniently offered as kits which include exhaust tips, hose, clamps and all the electronics necessary for the installation.  All systems are constructed from a high-grade 316L stainless steel and are available in a highly polished mirror finish as well as a classic gloss black powder coat finish; both are very attractive and highlight any engine compartment.

Available for Catalyzed and Non-Catalyzed engines.

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